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Craft Brewers Conference - World Beer Cup 2014
News - Festival
Every year, craft brewers come together to renew their spirits in brewing, business and beers at the Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo America, put on by the Brewers Association and held this year at Denver's Colorado Convention Center (home to GABF in the fall).
Go Broncos, Go Beer Map
News - Colorado
If you're like most football fans in Colorado, you've already begun preparations to watch the game of the millennium (so far) on Sunday night.
Great American Beer Festival Awards 2013
News - Festival
During four days of epic beer madness at the 31st Annual Great American Beer Festival, an excess of 48,000 gallons of beer awaited the discerning palate of 49,000 giddy beer aficionados.
To Boldly Go Where No Beer Has Gone Before
News - Technology
Eleven-year-old Michal Bodzianowski beat out other students to win the prize of launching his experiment ("What Are the Effects of Creation of Beer in Microgravity and Is It Possible?") into space in December, where it will orbit onboard the ISS.
Of Beer and Snow
News - Colorado
Most Colorado ski resorts are open. Some are still waiting for snow. The warm fall has provided beautiful days for the state, but has stunted precipitation on slopes in the mountains that beckon for snow. Here's an in-depth review of what's happening in Colorado snow country, and where to drink at the end of the day when your legs are burning and your mouth is dry.
Great American Beer Festival Impressions 2012
News - Festival
The 2012 Great American Beer Festival provided yet another suds extravaganza for the masses. 49,000 attendees, including ticket-holders, brewers, judges, journalists, and volunteers, wondered in glee and bewilderment amongst a selection of over 2700 beers at the Denver Convention Center.
Great American Beer Festival Awards 2012
News - Festival
A legion of judges brought their palates to bear at the 2012 Great American Beer Festival. A record 4,338 beers were judged in 84 distinct categories. Colorado brewers walked-off with 35 awards, including 15 gold.
How Are We Gonna Drink All This Beer
News - Festival
Beer everywhere. Denver Beer Week and GABF bring boat-loads of beer from across the nation to the Mile High City. The Beer Drinker's Guide to Colorado provides an extensive list of events and happenings for Denver Beer Week and a handy guide for GABF.
Fresh Hops Make Good Things Even Better
News - Beer
Anyone who has ever picked, held, or crushed a fresh hop cone in their hand knows that lovely scent of lupulin. The pursuit of that fresh hop character in beer has become an annual labor of love for many craft brewers, who sometimes go to great lengths to get the freshest hops possible into their brew.
So Many Breweries ... In So Little Time
News - Brewery
Summer can seem to quickly slide by us. We want to keep our readers informed about where to find the new brews. Here is a list of breweries that have recently opened or are getting really close!
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