Drinker's Guide to Colorado Releases NEW 10th Edition Map

Mike Laur - December 20, 2017
It started in October, 2007, at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver. Back then, you could walk up and buy an event ticket at the door. Really. We were there, on the sunny end of the Rocky Mountain aisle, with a wacky idea.

The Beer Drinker's Guide to Colorado Map. The very first demo version featured 101 Colorado brewing operations, and we showed it to beer drinkers to get their feedback. 2200 or so comments later, we made some changes, added a couple more brewers, and printed our very first map in January 2008.

We struggled to get State of Colorado Liquor Enforcement to approve our map for sale in liquor stores at first. WTF! 10 months later, we were cleared to sell our map in liquor stores, but by then the map info was getting stale. Time for Number Two.

We added Free Beer Coupons to the map package, too - first with a handful, then with a whole book stuffed with offers for beers, glassware, discounts and deals at dozens of Colorado craft-savvy businesses.

The first eight editions culminated in our first guidebook.

Our Eight Version featured an entirely new idea: a book. As we chronicled and toasted the phenomenal growth and notoriety of Colorado Beer, all that information begged for another outlet, and our Guidebook was born. We added winemakers and spirit makers to the mix, too, because our customers liked the idea and it made for a more complete story.

Today, we are pleased to present to you our latest product: the 10th Edition Beer, Wine, & Spirit Drinker's Guide to Colorado Map and Coupon Book. We're finishing work on the next-edition guidebook, due to be released next month.

But we're really excited about our new 10th Edition Map and Coupon Book! You will be, too. All-new listings of breweries, cideries, meaderies, wineries, and distilleries in Colorado, plus more: state and national parks, ski areas, driving distances, and still certified as a Space Imagination Product by the Space Foundation.

Plus Free Beer. And free drinks, and deals and discounts at over 50 Colorado businesses.

Buy it Here from us

and look for it hitting the shelves of our Colorado retailers.

The New 10th Edition Beer, Wine, & Spirit Drinker's Guide to Colorado. You're gonna want one, maybe two. It's the map that pays for itself, and show you the way to the best of Colorado Craft.

Front of the map is as detailed and sharp as ever. Can you find Bob and Bebe?

Backside of 10th Edition Map. Printed version measures a big 36.5 x 17 inches.

Details, details, details. Insets on the backside help clarify the explosion of craft beverage makers in Colorado

Fourteeners and detailed relief maps are why we're a Certified Space Imagination product.

Our interactive map can let you zoom way down to street level. Click on the home page link to see for yourself.
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